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Model Information

Power Bats


The RB-243 is one of our largest barreled bats (2.53″) with one of the smaller handles (.94″) and a gradual-late flare. It is THE choice for power hitters as it is more barrel heavy than most.

The RB-I13 is similar to the RB-243 with a medium-large barrel (2.51″) and small-medium handle (.95″). What makes this bat different than the 243 is the slightly more flared knob and the slightly smaller barrel making it a bit lighter. This is a great bat for a strong hitter.


Power-Gap Bats


The RB-88 is a Ritchie Bat custom model with an ideal weight distribution. It has a medium barrel (2.50″) with a small handle (.94″) and a small-medium flared knob. Swing this bat once and you will be hooked.

The RB-288 is based off a model custom made for Reggie Jackson. It features a large barrel (2.55″) and a medium-large handle (.96″) with a steady taper all the way up the bat, similar to the 271 but with less flare in the knob.


Gap-Contact Bats


The RB-224 is a light weight bat ideal for contact and gap hitters. It has a skinny handle (.94″) and a small-medium barrel (2.49″). What makes this bat different is the quick, late taper thus providing a lighter bat. You will have no problem getting this bat through the zone.

The RB-271 model is our most balanced bat with the most gradual weight distribution. It has a medium-large barrel (2.52″), small handle (.94″) and our most flared knob. This bat is popular for every level of hitter.