First Wood Bat? Read This…

Welcome to the wood bat world! Before you purchase your first wood bat, there are a few things you need to know.

**You can stop reading right here if you’re experienced with wood**

ALL wood bats will break…eventually. But it is up to you to determine how long that will be. It could be 1 swing or 3,000. Hopefully this page will help you get closer to the 3,000 mark. In order to help with that, we’ve put together a little Do’s & Don’ts list for your reading pleasure. 


  1. Hit with the label facing up or down, unless your bat has a Pro Ink Dot (Pro Series), in which case you will hit with the ink dot up or down.
  2. Store your bat in a dry, climate controlled location and vertically if possible.
  3. Hit standard issue leather baseballs only with your wood bat.
  4. Make contact within the “sweet spot” of the wood bat. This is located in the last 8-9 inches of the barrel EXCLUDING the last 2 inches.
  5. Be selective. This is not the aluminum you’re used to. It will break.
  6. Rake. (Verb: To crush the baseball  repeatedly)


  1. Don’t leave your bat outside or in a hot car.
  2. Don’t hit cage, dimple or any other type of ball other than baseballs.
  3. Don’t hit your brother, sister or dog.
  4. Don’t hit the ball anywhere near the logo or off the last 2 inches.
  5. Don’t try to clean, sand or refinish your wood bat.
  6. Don’t share your bat. It’s like a toothbrush…or underwear. Don’t share.

Now we know hitting the “sweet spot” is easier said than done, however, doing so will guarantee a long life for your wood bat. Below are a few images of the “sweet spot” and ball mark locations that will almost ALWAYS break your wood bat.