Model Information

End Loaded Bats

BatDescriptionBarrel SizeHandle SizeRecommended Knob Flare
RB-224The RB-224 is a light weight bat ideal for gap hitters. It has a small handle and a small-medium barrel. What makes this bat different is the quick, late taper providing whip through the zone. You will have no problem getting this bat around.
RB-243The RB-243 is the king of power bats! It is loaded with a medium-large barrel and a small handle. It is a great choice for power hitters because the weight of this bat is in the barrel.2.52".94"2 or 3
RB-I13The RB-I13 is similar to the RB-243 but with a little less barrel and a little more handle. This results in a slightly lighter swing weight through the zone. This is a great bat for a strong hitter.2.50".95"2 or 3

Semi Balanced Bats

BatDescriptionBarrel SizeHandle SizeRecommended Knob Flare
RB-21The RB-21 is Brian O'Grady's custom model. If the 243 and the 88 had a baby bat it would be the RB-21. It is a perfect mix of the two. 2.52".95"2 or 3
RB-22The RB-22 is our version of the popular CUTCH and is a great choice for all ages. This model is slightly end loaded with a medium barrel and small-medium handle. Another good choice you cannot go wrong with. 2.51".95"2 or 3
RB-88The RB-88 is our version of the popular AP5 model. This bat is very popular amongst all hitters. It has a medium barrel with a small handle. Swing this bat once and you will be hooked. Check out our YouTube video for an in-depth look at this model. 2.49".94"Any
RB-288The RB-288 is a custom Ritchie cut. It boasts a large barrel and a large handle yet it remains balanced throughout. This bat is used by gap and power hitters alike. 2.54".96"2 or 3
RB-318This small-medium barrel and short taper handle makes for a comfortable, slightly end-loaded feel. 2.47".95"2 or 3

Balanced Bats

BatDescriptionBarrel SizeHandle SizeRecommended Knob Flare
RB-23The RB-23 is the big boy of the balanced bats. It packs our largest barrel with a small handle but has a long taper throughout resulting in a large and balanced bat. 2.54".94"2 or 3
RB-110The RB-110 is as traditional as sunflower seeds and bubble gum at the ballpark. This model has been around for ages and rightly so. It is one of the most balanced bats you'll find. Ours comes equipped with our smallest barrel and largest handle. And as usual, you can choose any knob variation to compliment your selection. 2.46".97"Any
RB-271Another popular model that has been around for ages is the 271. Used by many major leaguers through the years, the 271 is balanced yet provides necessary homerun power. Another model you just can't go wrong with. 2.50".94"Any
RB-141This high density model boasts a small barrel and a small-medium handle giving it a nice balanced feel with tons of pop.2.45".94"Any