This page is designed to help answer commonly asked questions about sizes, models and other general inquiries. Different than our FAQ page, this page focuses more on the individual player. 

“What weight should my son’s wood bat be?”
We recommend that the weight be slightly heavier than their alloy.
The wood bat is generally a training tool , especially at the younger ages.

“My son is small for his size. Which Youth model would you recommend?”
If he is under 10 years old we recommend the balanced youth models.
If it’s his/her first wood bat go with the 110 or 271 Youth Models.
This can also apply to older kids. Contact hitters typically do well with something balanced. 

“My son is going into high school soon, what do you recommend?”
Your son will be entering high school soon where -3 is required.
Therefore, go with the Pro Select or the Pro Elite. 

“My son is a contact hitter with not a ton of power. What should I get him?”
Something balanced (97, 110, 271) or semi-balanced (88, 21, or 288 for a larger barrel option).

“Should my slugger’s bat be as light as possible?”
Lighter is not always better. Lighter bats have a lower density causing more work for the hitter.
A higher density will result in better exit velocities and further ball flight. Let the bat do the work!